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ApComAfrica is a strategic regional distribution partner of “safariyetu” bus management platform, working in collaboration with Duarani innovate, is responsible for managing franchise activities, such as distribution, selling and coordinating international activities of safariyetu, the online bus transportation management system for regional and rental buses in African countries.

Safariyetu has won several awards, in both local and international level competitions over the past ten years. All these attest to the sophistication of the software as a platform for management of bus operations in the Africa business environment. With upcoming improvement I the functions of the platform, clients of safariyetu are poised to tap on a wealthy of data and information to get clear value-additions in their day to day business operations.

Our Products

Currently, our platform serves about 760 bus companies in mainland Tanzania. Our clients, that include 510 special hire operators and 250 long distance bus firms, enjoy the services which are glitch free with benefits beyond those enumerated here above, especially through utilization of data and analytics for business decision making processes. With an average total of 2,880 buses in the platform and early 3 million tickets issued, there is potential for harnessing this data for various studies and lessons to improve the transportation business.

Our platform operates on web version as well as on android application available on Google playstore. Booking is made either online or through bus agents, and equally tickets are issued directly or through vendors appointed by bus companies. Users can access and seamlessly use the platform through smartphones, computers and points of sale machines [POS].

Our platform prizes security of data and operations of clients businesses. Safariyetu is secured by total redundancy, as we are hosted by global best facilities online firms such as google. After eight years of operations, there is no record of system-wide hacking or DDoS resulting into system downtime. Clients rest assured that their operational goals are fulfilled without fear of loss of data and information as security keys that they hold at hand belongs to them only.

Clients’ products can be customized to suit their needs at a small fee negotiable during deployment, both for software and hardware parts of the business.

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We are proud to work with our extensive partners and believe that they are a testament to the quality of the products and service we offer.
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